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Patient Portal: Your Health Record Online



The Patient Portal is a free, online service that gives you 24/7 access to information about your visit to Drew Memorial Hospital.


Your Patient Portal is a secure and convenient way to view: 

  • -medications prescribed
  • -allergies identified
  • -immunizations given
  • -lab procedures performed
  • -other information related to your hospital visit


You can also: 

  • -discuss your hospital information with your physicians
  • -be more informed and prepared for planned follow-up care


Questions ?


How do I log in to my Patient Portal? 

Click on the link mymedicalencounters.com and enter your login and password.


If you need help with: 
  • setting up your Patient Portal
  • access to your Patient Portal
  • questions about your medical history prior to your hospital visit

please call our Medical Records department at 870.460.3532, M-F, 8am-5pm.


If you were a patient at Drew Memorial Hospital and did NOT sign up for the Patient Portal and would like to, please come to DMH and visit our Medical Records department.


For more information on Patient Portal, click here to reach our FAQs page