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Drew Memorial Hospital offers specialty clinics so that patients may obtain care that would not otherwise be available at home. These specialists conduct their clinics on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, as their schedules permit.


Dr. Bijay Nair- Oncology    (870)460-3583


Dr. Randy Minton- Cardiology   1-800-482-1224


Dr. Lee Davis- Cardiology   (870)850-0800


Dr. David Bauman- Cardiology   (501)664-5860


Dr. David Jones- Cardiology    1-800-482-1224


Dr. Shabbir Dharamsey- Cardiology   (870)534-2900


Dr. Alhmar Kashif- Nephrology   (870)536-1400


Dr. Greg Massanelli- Orthopedics   1-800-585-5900


Dr. David Jacks- Urology   (870)535-4221


Dr. David Lupo- Urology   (870)536-5162


Dr. John Robinette- Podiatry   1-866-444-7303


Dr. William Rolston- Ears, Nose, and Throat  (501)526-8015


Dr. Alan Jones- General Surgery   1-800-482-1224


Wade Collins- Nerve Conduction Studies   (870)460-3587



To speak with a nurse in our Outpatient Clinic call (870)460-3587.