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Educational Classes

Department Director:Kristen Smith, RN

CPR Classes:
American Heart Association (AHA) CPR classes are taught every month. We teach basic certification classes as well as re-certification classes.


CPR / First Aid Classes:
This is an AHA class that combines Heartsaver CPR and basic first aid. It is a two day class if both CPR & First Aid are needed and one day if only First Aid is needed.


Medical Nutrition Therapy
This program is for diabetic patients that just need nutritional training. Some of the things they learn are label reading, how their eating habits affects their blood sugar, carbohydrate counting, heart healthy choices, how much to eat and what to eat.


Diabetic Teaching for Inpatients:
This training is designed to teach patients how to get started managing their diabetes after being discharged from the hospital. They are then scheduled to attend the outpatient program for more long- term management.


Breastfeeding Consultant
The program is to assist moms with breastfeeding techniques.


Diabetes Support Group
This is a free program offered to anyone with diabetes or anyone interested in diabetes.
Diabetes is challenging and sometimes meeting these challenges is overwhelming. Our group offers the opportunity for peer interaction, education, activities, and support for anyone affected by diabetes.



Rural Hospital Teleconferences
This program provides community outreach events, continuing education for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.


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