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Our Services


Our staff’s experience and expertise enables us to treat an unlimited range of illnesses including:

Sports Injuries                                                   

Neck/Back Problems

Orthopedic Injuries/Surgeries                        


Hand Injuries                                                     


Wound/Burn Care                                            

Pediatric Disorders

Balance/Gait Problems (falling)                     



Carpal Tunnel syndrome

Joint replacements                                            



Splinting/Bracing Needs

General Debilitation                                           

Cardiac Conditions

Speech/Swallowing Disturbances                   

Acute/Chronic Pain


Our goal is to help you eliminate pain, improve quality of life, and maximize functional potential.  Come let one of our professionals share the hard work and commitment needed to accomplish your rehab goals.  We take pride in our patients’ success!


Compassionate Care          One-to-One Treatment          Experienced/Dedicated Therapists